Presentation & a Poster at the ADT Conference

The CoMeddi project will be represented through an invited presentation and poster at the 7th Advanced Digital Technologies in Head and Neck Reconstruction conference, Tokyo, June 2019.

The presentation, 'Developing Resilience and Local Supply Chains for Advanced Digital Technology in Resource Constrained Environments' will be delivered by Prof. Dominic Eggbeer on behalf of the CoMeddi team. The poster, 'Creating a Platform for In-Hospital Quality Management Systems', will outline how hospitals can develop robust and appropriate systems for managing safe use of advanced digital technologies.

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So far, the CoMeddi project has:

- Used collaborative research methods to understand the patient journey through facial deformity treatment.

- Brought together stakeholders from the clinical, research, education and industrial fields in India and the UK to compare drivers and barriers to the development of a sustainable patient-specific implant design service at KGMU (including clinicians, research scientists, research students, educators, materials and equipment suppliers).

- Explored the Welsh experience of providing patient-specific implants through conference presentations and best practice visits.

- Used patient cases from KGMU and hardware and software at PDR and Morriston Hospital to demonstrate good practice in acquiring, interpreting and manipulating digital information to design patient-specific implants.

- Conducted initial training on the use of software packages for 3D design.

- Developed a process map to identify key resources needed to support the design service at KGMU.

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