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If you're a practicing or training cranio/maxillofacial surgeons based in India, here's a chance for you to have your say on what the future of training in digital technologies should look like.

We've created a survey to discover the level of knowledge of digital technologies for surgery, and what training programmes could be required to ensure cutting edge methods are developed to meet demands in India.

Advanced 3d precision design and engineering technologies have revolutionised the way patient specific implants are made. These methods are proven to improve clinical outcomes and reduce the duration of surgical procedures compared to traditional “artisanal” methods. However, we recognise that technology develops rapidly and that in order to create a sustainable custom implant service, emphasis must be placed on developing local resources and supply chain in combination with training. It is essential that training meets the needs of medical professionals and other staff who will eventually use the technology.

This survey forms part of the discover and define phases of the Co-Meddi project. The results will be published in a suitable journal and will be used to inform the development of more appropriate training courses and workshops in the deliver phase.

The survey is open to surgeons and trainee surgeons in India only. Please follow this link to open the survey in a new tab.

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